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December 1, 2017

Dear Friend,

At the end of last year we asked you to help the Friends of Fitchburg Public Library purchase equipment for the library's new outreach van. Thanks to your generous donations the library was able to purchase technology and programming supplies including laptop computers, a mobile WiFi hotspot, carts and many other items needed to take the library out into the community!

The van arrived just in time to be incorporated into summer outreach programming, which brought library services and activities to over 900 residents in the Leopold neighborhood. Your financial support is enabling services to be extended beyond the walls of the library.

As you may know the city of Fitchburg is installing solar panels on the roof of the library. This year, Friends are excited to have an opportunity to donate a digital solar monitoring display for the library. This informative and engaging display will illustrate the functions and benefits of the solar array. It's one more way Friends can support Fitchburg Public Library's Vision which strives, in part "to foster a lifetime of learning, curiosity and discovery in a diverse and vibrant community. "

This year we're reaching out to generous donors like you to ask for your continuing financial support. Thank you for your commitment to the library. We couldn't do what we do without you!

Sincerely,  Sincerely,

Mary Power  Wendy Rawson

President, Friends of Fitchburg Library   Library Director


Lifelong learning & literacy * Equal access to services * Camaraderie * Dedicated volunteers & support * Community identity & pride

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