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Welcome to Friends of Fitchburg Library, your gateway to supporting literacy, education, and community enrichment. Join us in our mission to foster a love for reading, lifelong learning, and vibrant cultural experiences for all members of our diverse community. Together, we can empower the Fitchburg Library to thrive as a dynamic hub of knowledge and connection.

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Building the Fitchburg Library

by the Fitchburg Historical Society

Catherine Schneider interviews Shawn Pfaff about Fitchburg’s successful effort to fund, build and staff a library following the state requirements. The library opened in June 2011 and continues to be a focal point for the city of Fitchburg residents.

Fitchburg Library

by the Fitchburg Historical Society

Barbara Matthews, the first president of the Friends of the Fitchburg Library, describes the planning process and the financing initiatives used to build Fitchburg’s first public library. This library replaced a bookmobile that drove around Fitchburg for 5 hours each week.

The library will use donated items in the manner deemed most appropriate. Items may be added to the library collection, donated to the Friends of the Library for resale, or discarded. Library staff members are not able to return items once they have been donated.

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